The restaurant “Penates” was opened in December 1999. At first it was a private wine club. But in December 2009, celebrating its tenth anniversary, it was decided to abandon its elitism and to welcome public at large.

Enjoying the softness of our sofas and armchairs, you will always be able to escape from hustle and bustle of the modern city. The design of our restaurant enables to organize business meetings at daytime and to relax in the evening. Fine dining, noble wines and traditions of hospitality are waiting for you!

“Penates” is a place where you can find everything: gastronomic delight, lightness of being and imminence of the meeting.

The restaurant “Penates” is situated in the central part of Yaroslavl, within walking distance from the main attractions of the millenary city. Surrounded by history and situated in the building of the mid XVIII century, it became the unique part of it. Initially the house belonged to the guild of Yaroslavl merchants. Having left two and a half centuries behind, it has survived difficult times. The old building was renovated and now it is an adornment of the city.